What is a Custom Mattress?

What is a Custom Mattress?  A Custom Mattress is a mattress in which you can choose a certain Size, Shape, and Texture to fit your needs in order to be comfortable.  Our Handmade Natural Custom Mattresses are designed to ensure you can accomplish a deep, healthy sleep.  Some of our most favored Natural Mattresses include our Cotton Mattress, Horsehair Mattress, and Latex mattress.  Additionally, our Mattresses can come in Standard Sizes or other unique sizes to accommodate any Antique Bed, loft, crib, boat, Recreational Vehicle, and much more.  All of our Custom Mattresses are Single-Sided and Double-Sided which can provide many years of usage for your mattress.

Now, let’s discuss a Custom Comfort Mattress.  Being comfortable is a very important aspect that is required in order to have a relaxing sleep.  Our Handcrafted Custom Mattresses allows you to Customize your very own Mattress feel to suit your needs to enhance deep sleep.  Being comfortable is very important because a relaxing mattress will provide a profound slumber.  We utilize our materials in order to make your mattress comfortable.  Everyone is comfortable in different ways.  For example, some people would prefer a firm mattress over a soft mattress.  Also, some people would rather enjoy a round mattress instead of a long one.  In conclusion, a profound slumber can enhance very good energy.


Custom Mattress Clarification

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well during this holiday season.  Would like to take a moment to discuss Custom Mattresses.  Custom Mattresses that we make are handmade special mattresses that are made to order to your specifications.  They come in either Custom Size Mattress sizes or regular standard sizes such as twin, full, queen and king.  Our Custom Mattresses can be considered an over sized mattress such as an xxl king, or an undersized mattress such as a small twin.  Even antique sizes such as 3/4 can be considered a custom mattress.  In addition, maybe a mattress with a certain type of makeup is required such as a firm base with a soft top queen size which is also considered a custom mattress that we can make for you.  Our custom mattresses are made to order according to your specification no matter what size, shape, softness or firmness level you would like.  We can make you modern type mattresses like your major name brands as well as natural mattresses, and, double sided mattresses, or even hybrid foam mattresses.  If you like, you can visit our new showroom at 1049 Raritan rd. Clark, NJ or call us at 800-761-1100 so we can assist you with your custom mattress needs. 


Horse Hair Mattresses Toppers

Custom Handcrafted Horse Hair Mattresses

Horse Hair Toppers, Horse Hair Pillows

Hello everyone. I’ts been awhile since my last blog post on horse hair mattresses, horse hair toppers and horse hair pillows. If you are unfamiliar with horse hair within mattresses, I will explain the benefits. First off, horse hair is one of the most superior ingredients used today for upholstery products. It is placed in our mattresses and and pillows due to the fact that it’s comfortable, long lasting, breathable, and, resilient. Horse hair will never break down which all types of foams eventually due. The horse hair we use in particular is derived from the main and the tail of the horse. If you can reminisce in regards to old family mattresses, the “lasts forever” type, they more then likely had horse hair contained in them.  The material is sterilized which produces a healthy long lasting product. Come on down to our showroom to try one of our horse hair mattresses, toppers or pillows today.  You can read more about horse hair mattresses, toppers, or, pillows on our website at www.mycustombedding.com.

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New Colors for our Cotton Mattresses

Natural Mattress

Breathable Ticking

What is better then having a custom mattress created for you? That’s right, picking your own color for a natural cotton mattress in order to meet your own designer needs. We have added white 100% cotton ticking to our repertoire. In addition, you have a choice of wool rosette colors to choose from. Blue, Black, Beige and Dark Brown are currently stocked.  Even if you are in the mood to include all the colors, we can do that too for the cotton mattress, latex mattress or even the horse hair mattress.  The image below portrays the white fabric with blue rosettes. Remember folks, the mattress is all natural, firm and double sided. Lifespan is approximately 15 years. Treat yourself to a designer styled healthy nights sleep today!Facebooktwitterpinterest

How important is a box spring?

coil box spring

Coil Box Springs, the best for your sleep and mattress.

Why it is important to have a real box spring, the benefits from the consumer standpoint.  For one, box springs provide an additional comfort aspect to the sleeping experience.  They provide flexibility and resiliency.  In addition, it creates a positive environment for your mattress where as your mattress will now have shock absorption.  Shock absorption will slow down the compression aspect of the mattress which will allow for a longer lifespan of the mattress.

Today, most retail shops sell foundations as opposed to Box Springs.  A foundation is a wooden box that contains no coil springs however, its a big secret to the consumer.  Most people are unaware of the lack of steal coils within there “box”.  Even the terminology has changed.  The name went from “Box Spring” to “Box”.  Has anyone noticed?

There are several benefits to the manufacturers for not providing real box springs.  The first one is that wood and cardboard are much less expensive to product.  Steal prices have risen dramatically over the past several decades which influenced the reduction in box springs.  In addition, wear on your mattress.  Wooden platforms as well as wooden foundations tend to wear your mattress quickly due to the fact the innerspring unit or foam, is compressed more by residing on a flat surface.

And that folks is why a box spring is important.

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Have you asked yourself lately “how old is my mattress”? Healthy Mattress today!

With spring approaching quickly, it is a good time for spring cleaning which includes changing your mattress. Why not invest in a healthy long lasting two sided mattress? A good mattress is an investment. Why spend money on a synthetic chemical based item which you spend 8 hours each evening on? Ask yourself these questions.


Announcing Custom Bedding and Orange Mattress Handcrafted Horse Hair Mattresses Available Right Now

Custom Bedding – Orange Mattress is back up and running following the severe hurricane Sandy which hit our area. Horse hair natural mattress production is full steam ahead.

Searching for a new mattress, can be a difficult task. Why not just go for the best mattress on the market. Luxurious handcrafted Horse Hair mattresses are the best mattress money can buy. They have been for over 100 years. Horse hair mattresses are the most comfortable and long lasting mattress available on the market today. The mattresses are not so readily available due to the high quality and long lasting effect they have. Current mattresses are mass produced with a lifetime of 5-8 years. These mass produced mattresses are full of chemicals which outgas. Why go for the synthetic foam when you can have a natural deep sleep while sleeping on horse hair.

Benefits of horse hair mattresses include no water absorption and breathable cotton ticking (fabric) which allows for air to flow freely while not disturbing your body temperature. Mattress which include synthetic foam increases heat and perspiration during the night which may disrupt your sleep. Cool sleep contributes to a deep sleep which leads to a healthy lifestyle.
Custom Bedding – Orange Mattress has been handcrafting mattresses since 1902. The mattresses are strictly made the old fashioned way. If you can recall most products which are handcrafted lasted much longer than today’s mass production. Unfortunately it applies to most products on the current market. This is why Custom Bedding – Orange mattress has repeat customers over and over again. Not so much for replacements but for referrals.

Come down to our showroom today and try one of Custom Bedding – Orange Mattress handcrafted horse hair mattresses. You can visit us 77 Central Ave. (Target Shopping Center) Clark, NJ 07067. Or call us at 732-428-4125.

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Sleeping at Home is the Best Night Sleep You Will Receive

“A new national sleep foundation poll shows that when it comes to sleep, there really is no place like home.” The American people are investing in their bedrooms with optimal results.

Factors for a good night sleep include: comfortable mattress and pillows, comfortable sheets, and a dark room. All of these will contribute to your sleep. The poll taken by the national sleep foundation has found that the home bedroom accessories (mattress, pillows, sheets etc.) is much more comfortable then a high quality hotel room.

Even though most people are getting their best night sleep at home, electronic devices are still a leading factor for disruption of sleep. Best advice is to try and keep as much light out of the room as possible.

National Sleep Foundation tips on receiving a well rested sleep is:

-Obtain a comfortable sleeping environment free from distractions.
-Keep your bedroom dark for the duration of your sleep.
-Create a daily routine which allows for winding down before sleep.
-If you find you are not asleep after 20 minutes, engage in something in dim light and return.
-Do not expose yourself to bright light late at night at all.
-Exercise in the morning as opposed to night before sleep.
-Obtain a sound blocker such as ear plugs to avoid loud sounds.
-Avoid alcohol, caffeine and large meals before sleep.
-No naps late in the day prior to sleep.

Custom Bedding/Orange Mattress can assist you in your sleep by choosing the utmost comfortable handcrafted mattress and custom made pillow from family owned factory in Maplewood NJ. Come down to try custom mattresses at
77 Central Ave. (Target Shopping Plaza)
Clark NJ 07066

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Custom Bedding – Announcing Green Handcrafted Mattresses Which Provides Healthy Sleep

Custom Bedding/Orange Mattress Studio provides a natural healthy sleep by providing natural materials in the handcrafted mattresses produce Cotton Mattresses.

Why go “Green”? Are bedding products health and environment of importance? Do these things matter? At some point and some level, they should. Following are some things to keep in mind. An everyday mattress available at the local sleep store is made from synthetic products and therefore contains chemicals. These chemicals may be absorbed while sleeping. Studies have shown high levels in breast milk and the blood stream.

 • If safety is an important factor Custom Bedding has a perfect solution. ORANGE MATTRESS CUSTOM BEDDING have been creating all Natural Bedding for over 100 years. A variety of natural products are available. One of the most popular components is All Natural Horse Hair. Horse Hair never disintegrates therefore adding longevity and firmness to any mattress. Another option is Latex Natural Rubber which is extracted from trees in the form of sap and is then molded to a product to be utilized in a mattress. The latex would be encased in 100% organic cotton or Natural wool that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

• Whichever product is chosen Custom Bedding can assure that it will be healthy and comfortable. Custom Bedding feels that the function of a mattress is to rest and repair your body while you sleep. This is accomplished by choosing All Natural materials with no foam Chemicals Added Mattress. The result will be a healthier and restored nights sleep.

 For more information on custom-made bedding and mattresses from Orange Mattress Custom Bedding, call 800-761-1100, or on the web at mycustombedding.com. Visit the new Clark showroom is located at 77 Central Avenue in the Target Shopping Center.



How to shop for the right mattress.

Here at Orange/Mattress Custom Bedding a wide variety of mattresses are available to choose from.  However,  it is encouraged that each individual to take their time by lying down on a recommended mattresses.  Each individual is different.  The question asked daily is “What is better for your back soft or firm?.”  The answer is based on how comfortable the person feels accordingly.  Some people prefer firm while other prefer medium or soft.  The answer is based on how comfortable the person feels accordingly. Some people prefer firm while other prefer medium or soft.  Here at Orange Mattress/Custom Bedding  take the initiative getting what is right for a restful night sleep.

Time is precious these days as it is one of our most valuable assets.  Sleep time especially.   As far as price is concerned, too many people place their focus on a number rather than their comfort.  How much money is spent on a vehicle in which does not compare in use nearly as much as your bed?  If expectations are to obtain something with any significant content which will get ensure a restful night sleep as well as lasting, expect to pay a little more.  When shoppers come in and state that they have been sleeping on the least expensive mattress for years and try a new model which is in another price bracket the astonishment is amazing.  Surprise is the response.  An actual quote from a customer was “I had no idea”.   Custom Bedding/Orange Mattress has been a family business for 110 years.  Customers interest is the best interest at heart for Orange Mattress/Custom Bedding.  For any questions or to try one of our handcrafted custom mattresses or ready made name brands please stop by the showroom.  We are open 7 days a week.

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