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Hello everyone. I’ts been awhile since my last blog post on horse hair mattresses, horse hair toppers and horse hair pillows. If you are unfamiliar with horse hair within mattresses, I will explain the benefits. First off, horse hair is one of the most superior ingredients used today for upholstery products. It is placed in our mattresses and and pillows due to the fact that it’s comfortable, long lasting, breathable, and, resilient. Horse hair will never break down which all types of foams eventually due. The horse hair we use in particular is derived from the main and the tail of the horse. If you can reminisce in regards to old family mattresses, the “lasts forever” type, they more then likely had horse hair contained in them.  The material is sterilized which produces a healthy long lasting product. Come on down to our showroom to try one of our horse hair mattresses, toppers or pillows today.  You can read more about horse hair mattresses, toppers, or, pillows on our website at

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