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Organic Cotton wrapped Latex

Organic Cotton wrapped Latex
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Product Information

Organic Mattress

Organic natural latex mattress is wrapped with layers of certified organic cotton on both top and bottom of the latex core.  Once wrapping is complete, we cover in 100% cotton ticking and lace tuft each mattress by hand.   

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Special sizes available.


Custom Bedding, Hypoallergenic Mattresses


Latex is an all natural foam which is extracted from the rubber tree in comparison to sap from a maple tree.  Once extracted, it is molded to a form which is utilized in mattresses.   Latex is 4 times more breathable then synthetic foams.  3 times more durable.  33% more presure relief, and contours.     HypoAllergenic.                                       

This mattress is actually a solid core of latex with no synthetic foam quilting around it.  



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