Two Sided Mattresses

Two Sided Mattresses

Double Sided Mattresses, 2 Sided Flippable Mattresses

Our custom built handcrafted double sided mattresses last much longer then the modern day mattresses.  Each mattress is made the exactly the same on each side for flipping  and duality  of usage.  Longevity of your mattress substantially increases due to flipping a double sided mattress.  Thank about it, does it really make sense to half the materials of a mattress on the topside of the mattress?  Common sense shows that you will only get half the mattress life however, you will pay full price for the mattress.  Salespeople will pitch that non flipping will make it easier for you which, it some instances it may however, if your willing to pay full price with half the life then the double sided mattress may not be for you.  Otherwise, come down and try our wide variety of double sided mattresses which come in natural cotton, horse hair, and latex or our foam line which includes memory foam and high density, or our modern day innerspring line.  I'm sure we can find something to suit your needs which is extremly comfortable, as well as cost effective.

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